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I've been releasing new music.

2017-10-14 12:06:22 by R3LL1K4

I'm not sure how many people will see this but anyone interested in continuing listening to what I've been up to can do so on my soundcloud. I've been putting out a variety of diifferent chill and dark vibes under the new name Hakobo. You guys have always been awesome to me so putting out more music after a long hiatus is the least I can do.

Hope you guys like it.

Yo boys...

2014-11-16 11:01:50 by R3LL1K4

It's time to come back.


They call me Hakobo.

Regarding my latest track.

2010-08-30 04:52:39 by R3LL1K4

As you guys probably noticed from my latest track, it isn't dance. I've decided to explore and experiment with other genres for the time being in order to see what else I can do. Making dubstep tracks and possibly DNB tracks is really fun, and a new change of pace. This doesn't mean I won't be putting out more dance tracks, just look out for other genres.

Hope you like it all anyways.

Song for my sister.

2010-07-01 02:23:22 by R3LL1K4

Hope you guys like it anyways.

My, oh my.

2010-03-10 01:53:45 by R3LL1K4

It seems this week I have achieved three songs on the top 30 list.

Thanks guys, that made my week.


2009-08-20 16:08:32 by R3LL1K4

This song has tired me out.

Back to the piano for me.


2009-06-21 15:56:06 by R3LL1K4

I put a good deal of work into this song, and am wondering how you guys will respond to such a long, fast song. Not much else I can do but hope you guys like it.


2009-05-29 23:48:05 by R3LL1K4

It's about time. I've made another compilation of melodies that I made that I thought was pretty cool. I hope you guys like it as much as the hard work I put into it.

Air of Apollo

2009-05-03 16:17:06 by R3LL1K4

I just finished and posted up Air of Apollo. This has been my biggest project yet. I had a really hard time making sure everything sounded good and was balanced, and even though I think I didn't do that great a job, it's here. Let me know what you think. :]

My music...

2009-01-24 23:26:55 by R3LL1K4

I've decided recently that I will be posting what I'm working on online to the public to criticize and give feedback on, and I'm satisfied with that decision. I'm kind of excited to see what people think, but don't expect much. The more the better, though.