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2009-01-24 23:26:55 by R3LL1K4

I've decided recently that I will be posting what I'm working on online to the public to criticize and give feedback on, and I'm satisfied with that decision. I'm kind of excited to see what people think, but don't expect much. The more the better, though.


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2009-02-16 17:29:55

like it i found it off your comments on the stick man massicre thing and wanted to see your first song. woot


2009-04-19 17:44:04

Your music is AWESOME! :D


2009-04-27 21:24:59

I stumbled across your music and I have been very impressed so far.


2010-02-24 23:56:29

I honestly can't wait for any more. You are the master of all music.